Saturnine Valentines

by Dawnstar

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Attila Wind – vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Balint Hamvas – bass
Viktor Albert – drums

Recorded by Laszlo Philipp at Abnormal Studios, Budapest, Hungary Recorded, mixed & mastered by David Schram at Durer Studios, Budapest, Hungary
Produced by Attila Wind & Dawnstar



released May 19, 2013

Lyrics by Attila Wind
Music by Attila Wind, except In Heaven We Meet Again, London Nights, Live Today by Dawnstar



all rights reserved


Dawnstar Manchester, UK

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Track Name: Love's Gonna Be Tender
Love's gonna be tender nothing else matters
I just wanna be free

I don't want to hide anymore
Let's act how we feel
I just want to live my own life
I just wanna be free

I don't want to lie anymore
Spend more time apart
Don't care about anybody
Just listen to your heart

I don't want to cry anymore
I have no more tears
I just want you to stand by me
Just stay with me here

I don't want to wait anymore
Let me be with you
I just want to do what I want
Let's bring out the truth
Track Name: Ophelia
You're so wonderful

I would take you home, Ophelia
When it's dark and cold, just feel good
I would care for you, Ophelia
Just tell me the truth, just feel good

Keep loving me
I'm broken
I don't know why I can't get you back baby

I would make you glad, Ophelia
When you are so sad, just feel good
I would drink your tears, Ophelia
When you cry my dear, just feel good

I don't want to be turned down again
I just want to believe
I don't want to play the fool in vain
And I'm ready to leave
Track Name: Almost Every Flame Will Fade Away
When you were deep in love with me
I just needed space my baby
When you told me to stay away
My life seemed so dull and so grey

Almost every flame will fade away

When you were sad and down all day
I was seeing girls - it's a shame
When you left me here all alone
I was deep in love without hope

I just want to meet
I want you to know
I love you indeed
I know there's still hope
I hope you can see
My heart's filled with woe
I don't want to leave you my babe

I don't wanna hurt you again
My baby - can you see?
Track Name: In Heaven We Meet Again
I only want to tell you
Now it's hard but see you soon
Till then I've things to do
There's a place where we will meet
Where there's love, gladness and peace
We'll be there just you and me

In heaven we meet again
One day we will all ascend

I only want to find out
If you are happy right now
But down here I'm sad and down
In my dreams you'll never die
Even if you said goodbye
In my soul you're still alive

There's nothing to do just move on alone
Track Name: Cougar De Luxe
I like your cool design
Don't be so saturnine
Just be my valentine
I like you baby

I like your shiny hair
How it flies in the air
I know that you don't care
I like you baby

I see you don't wanna feel alone baby
I see you don't wanna let me go away

I like your funky style
Your sweet angelic smile
It drives me mad awhile
I like you baby

I like your pretty face
My heart has been ablaze
For long and lonely days
I like you baby
Track Name: London Nights
I knew from the first sight that you were the one
I'd waited for years - someone to love
But now I feel ashamed of what I have done
At the bar in Vauxhall where you and I met
I've waited for you ever since then
And I can't get out of my head those London nights

I wish things would be all right

Wish I couldn't think back on those nice days
You spent in my arms, it would be okay
But you're on my mind again and again
It would be so nice if we could meet
Cause now I'm so sad, I know you are not free
Just give me a chance, I'm down on my knees

Those London nights
I can't get them out of my mind
Track Name: Live Today
Spread your wings and fly so high
Face the sun and the crimson sky
Don't turn around, it's time to fly

Take the chance cause life is short
There's no time to wait at all
Don't waste your time anymore

Live today like you'd die tomorrow

Live your life as you like
Live your dreams now don't cry
Now I know that you'll be fine

Come with me I'll show the way
There's no time, now it's late
Follow me night and day